July 29, 2023

We are back from our two week Lisbon adventure and we loved our trip!

Here are some of my take aways: Color, Tiles, History, Stone filled streets, City of patterns, Sardines, Sunshine, Cod fish, Tangus River, Steep Hills, Lisbon leg, Sketching in the street

Here are some recommendations if you head there:

Favorite Lisbon Resturants:

Osteria- think Italian tapas - my kids favorite- even after sitting on really small stools- it was still their favorite food. Be sure to book ahead

Sud Lisboa Terrazza- this place is a splurge but totally worth it if you want an amazing view! You can also rent a spot at the rooftop pool for the day!

Favorite Neighborhood for Urban Sketching- Mouraria

Favorite Art Tour- The Street Buddha- fantastic walking tour that helped me find wonderful murals I never would have found

Favorite Portuguese Street Artist - Bordalo II. This Portuguese artist transforms trash into magical animals.

Favorite Indoor Spot: We loved Emphaxia - boutique shopping and divine lunch (I recommend the lunch special at Gin Lovers. The atmosphere is spectacular. 

Favorite Runs: Shawn saved and published all of our runs in Lisbon- you can find him on Stava and follow along (be ready for lots of hills)

Touristy Things We Loved:

The Aquarium- Ocenario

Gondola Lift

Sunset Sailing Cruise

Cristo Rei

Favorite Treat- Of course it’s pastel de nata! There are so yummy! Here is a great article and recommendations. I loved sampling them everywhere!

And if you want to get out of Lisbon and head to the ocean’ Cascais is amazing! Here is a good itinerary

Lunch at Capricciosa near water

Santini for ice cream - get the fruit flavors - made with real fruit

After beach time, walk from Cascais center to Boca do Inferno (scenic rocks on the water) 

Dinner at Mar do Inferno - then watch sunset

My favorite part of Lisbon was just walking the streets and enjoying the architecture, colors, and details. One big thing to note- Lisbon’s sidewalks are all rocks and very sleek- so wear comfortable sneakers and be ready for lots of hills!

Aproveitar- ENJOY!